A visit to Anne Frank Huis

As I am desperately trying to keep up with my new-found blog, and as I am having so much time to just sit and do nothing, it’s becoming more and more difficult to write even the shortest of sentences. I almost feel bad about not doing anything (talking about panopticism here) therefore, I have to do something.

And what better way than writing some lame posts? Read on.

About a week ago or so, I have decided to visit Anne Frank’s house. For those of you who are not yet acquainted with Anne Frank, she was a small Jewish girl who went into hiding for two years along with her family and some other family friends/relatives. If memory serves, there were 8 people in total.

And so, while hiding from the Germans in World War II, Anne Frank, a girl of only 13 years old, started a journal depicting her daily experience. Ranging from themes such as social and cultural identity to sexuality, Anne Frank’s journal is a strong piece of writing, especially for a girl her age. Months before the war ended, she and her family were captured during a morning raid, and sent to the concentration camps. Only her father, Otto Frank, survived.

It is easily understandable that her diary is a remarkable piece because, like many others, it offers a more hands-on, often romanticized image of what it meant to live in such horrific conditions. And if, like me, you believe that reading a book is not enough to fully understand its dimensions, being able to visit and experience a small part of Anne Frank’s biography is nothing short of spectacular.

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Finally done! (Going home)

As I walked out of the room, handing in the final German exam, a great feeling of relief took over me. At the moment, I feel like Frodo after he destroyed the Ring of Power. Ich bin vertig. No more intellectual work for me starting as of now!


Since I do not have a pursuit to follow, at least for the moment, I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m suddenly having this huge pocket of free time and lack of worries that it baffles me completely. Are there people out there? What remains to be seen? How does home look like? Truth be said, even though I am extremely tired after my first year at AUC, I have this feeling of accomplishment. I’ve grown a lot here, but I really deserve a break from everything, for just a brief moment.

I’m going home on Monday. I’ll hang around with some of my old classmates in Bucharest, and then, like Ulysses, I’ll be finally home-home with my family after 11 months (!) of living in Amsterdam. My biggest fear at this moment is that I would feel estranged from the others. While this is inevitable, I really hope that my accommodation will not take too long.

I’m going home. I have a really cool bunch of


Is it over?

stories to share with my friends. I have loads of beer to drink, and lots of fun to have. I’m going home.

If, by accident, you come across my post, please let me know how do you cope with the fact that you are away from home for a long time? Are the connections between the people here different from the ones at home? If so, how? Is it for good or for worse? All I can say is that I got lucky.

I’m going home.

I thought you were gone!

I’ve been experimenting a little bit with Blogger these days, but I just don’t feel like it. Even though it’s much easier to use that platform, the community seems dead. And that’s pretty bad for a blog, I think. Also, the Blogger blogs look a bit amateurish, if you ask me. I mean, come on, you can sniff a Blogger blog from a thousand!

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