Who am I and what do I do


This guy’s name is Dragoş (a bit hard to pronounce for foreigners; more like Drag (as in “dragon”) + o + ş (as in “English”). Dragoş comes from a small town in Eastern Europe. He studied primary and secondary school there, then he went to Amsterdam University College. In Amsterdam, Dragoş studies humanities. Because now he can pursue his lifelong dream of studying literature, he also tries to be a writer. I know, it’s a pretty pompous term to use, but still… who isn’t a writer these days?

Wanting to share some of his (non-existent) knowledge and expertise, Dragoş opened the Coffee & Couch Philosophy blog, in which he hopes that you, the reader, will find a light, engaging, and pseudo-academic form of entertainment. Part fiction, part fact, part literature, ranging from all sorts of topics, from books to weird thoughts on reality, this blog is used to throw random bursts of thoughts over the internet. So, as a closing line, Dragoş invites you in this hectic journey through a guy’s mental labyrinth who just wants to touch-type things on top of his head, and hoping to form a community of dedicated readers who are just as perplexed as the writer of these lines. And he has only just begun.

In other words, Dragoş stays true to his principles of wasting your time while reading Coffee & Couch Philosophy. This is quite fashionable, as the blogosphere is teeming with pimpled-teenaged kids who rage out on the inter-web, share pictures, music,  and bring nothing of value. But do not worry. Dragoş is doing his best not to exit these parameters.

Just sit back and relax. He will tell his story one post at a time.



  1. anasipos

    Remember the times we were chatting about me being a big journalist and you, a famous writer? And I would take you an interview and ask for your autograph, even though we were once colleagues and I would be proud of that? It looks as if this happened yesterday

    • dragosilca

      I don’t know about you, but I’m really trying to get there. Hopefully, as time goes by, our plans will long surpass the “chatter” phase. Good luck, and I really hope to see you around!

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