A Legacy of Going Sideways

Sideways – Photo courtesy of Victor Botezatu.

  To be honest, it is a bit difficult for me to write this post. It is almost as  if I am writing my own obituary. Not because, seemingly decades ago, I founded this band; not because, as time went on, I became really close friends with its members; what is frustrating is the acknowledgement of the fact that there are some things or events one cannot control.

My pursuit of an academic degree in another country is one of them.

A part of me does not regret this opportunity to leave Romania and live in Amsterdam as I have had (and I still have) my share of wonderful experiences. However, no matter how much fun I have here, I feel that I cannot fully embrace the people and places. I assume that is because a part of me is still strongly attached to the “real” home where I grew up.

Photo courtesy of Victor Botezatu

Sideways – Photo courtesy of Victor Botezatu

Sideways was the equivalent of a musical home. We did not start out with the intention of becoming a grandiose musical project, as corny and stereotypical as it might sound. Instead, we were just a bunch of guys who had a bit too much spare time and a desire to make music differently. Of course, people came and went (I have met Fil, the lead singer, through a stroke of dumb luck), but as soon as the trivial matters and practicalities were sorted out (usually, by themselves), the only natural thing left to do was to engage in this creative process as a whole cohesive unit. Of course, there were some differences regarding the musical direction, but they were usually resolved peacefully.

It was quite the journey, because none of us had previously been in a band. And if indeed they had been, as Sideways has seen a couple of musicians throughout its history, it did not matter because Sideways turned out to be like nothing else I have experienced up to this point. It was a powerful, enriching, mystical, love-hate kind of relationship that the members of the band shared, both from a musical, and personal point of view. Of course, there were ups & downs, periods when we hated each others’ guts (those were just trivial matters, stories to be told over a glass of beer), and of course I am exaggerating a bit at this point but I simply cannot write this piece without a huge amount of affection.

Photo courtesy of Victor Botezatu

Sideways – Photo courtesy of Victor Botezatu

As I am moving more and more away from my initial point, and as I am getting more and more nostalgic while doing so, I would like to share with you, the readers who resemble the pulse of a dying man on my stats tab, a recent concert with Sideways, a band in which I used to play.

To end this post, even though I regret that I am not on that stage with my friends anymore, the fact that the band carried on (and is doing pretty well) is a reward no one hoped to get. You can find the links to the filmed concert bellow.

Part 1 you can find here

Part 2 here

And, at last, part 3.

Also, the band’s Facebook page is here


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