Pulling Teeth and Recent Events

My teeth

My teeth (Photo credit: LShave)

I should definitely apologize to my almost nonexistent number of readers for not posting anything in such a long time, but to be honest, I was quite busy these days. And for good reason!

For example, I’ve joined a metal band! Some old friends of mine got together and decided to have another gig back home. Their bass player has some issues, I’m having too much spare time, so… why not? Trash metal isn’t quite my style, but what the heck, I’m doing this for some friends. As the rehearsals were going on, I’ve actually come to appreciate their songs, their technique, and so on, and to be honest, it was quite the challenge to learn around 10 never-tried-before, picking-till-your-hand-drops-dead kind of songs in 3 weeks (this also gives me a nice excuse for not writing; I had to practice a lot). All in all, it was a great experience, both for me as a new member, as well as for them. I am glad they were patient with me as I was struggling to keep up, and I would like to use this opportunity to thank them for the lovely moments, both in and outside the rehearsal room.

By the way, the gig is tonight. I’ll most likely post some pictures.

As I was writing about this whole ordeal with the band, I’ve noticed that the first part of my title’s post has not been dealt with. Shame on me!

It’s been almost a month and a half since I’ve been going to the dentist, as I have some older problems. After the infection was almost cured, I’ve decided that I want my teeth to look better. As there were some salvageable parts left in my beloved front teeth, the dentist suggested to grind them down in order to “coat” them with some material.

But here’s the catch.

In order to do that, she also needs to grind behind my upper teeth so that they don’t clash. The alternative would be to wear braces for a year or so.

What is there left to do? Carve some of my healthy teeth for some porcelain ones or wear expensive braces?

Say hello to my brand new (fake) smile.

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    • dragosilca

      It was certainly an experience. To be honest, I’m really proud of myself for being able to face this challenge, and not letting you (or the band, for that matter, down).

      That being said, it was quite the flatter [blushes] when you guys came and asked me if I’m up for it. You believed in me, and I thank you for that. I just hope this won’t be the end of it. It was fun, while it lasted!

      • DrummerRux

        And I for one am proud of you as well! You have exceeded all my expectations and I hope we can one day do this again^^

  1. HoaiPhai

    Good luck with the metal band! I’ve given up on trying to keep my teeth healthy and good looking and I am now investigating the option of ceasing to rely on teeth altogether and just have a garbage disposal installed in my throat. so I won’t even have to chew.

    • dragosilca

      About the metal band, it was a one-time only. I just helped some of my friends over the summer. Hopefully it won’t be the end of it.

      As far as the teeth are concerned, I’m really fascinated with the fact that I have chosen aesthetics over functionality. Even though my teeth were a bit roughed up after the procedure, they were relatively okay. But because I wanted to gain the approval of my peers, and because I am a shallow person, now I have more damaged teeth overall.

      It is as they say, I guess: “Beauty hurts”.

      • HoaiPhai

        “Beauty hurts”… you’re telling me? Every single beautiful woman I’ve ever known has wound up hurting me one way or another!

      • dragosilca

        I am sorry to hear that; however, I was trying to imply the fact that you need to make some type of sacrifice in order to be beautiful. In my case, the teeth.

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