Why Blog?

Before I started venturing in the blogosphere, I’ve read a couple of books about blogging in general. Nothing important, just some tricks and tips to get things going. However, the thing that is central to a blog, at least according to the books, is the community that forms around it. This doesn’t look like much but is that so?

The thing that really comes into my mind when I speak about a blog is loneliness. I simply feel that blogging is something for lonely and frustrated people. Of course, I’m not talking here about the blogs that are strictly focused on information about a particular topic.

How sad must it be to talk about yourself on the internet! It’s not as if everyone has extremely entertaining lives that are worth being written about. Why blog? Is it some sort of modern art? An act of a rebellious hipster? Or if you put your life (or cat for that matter) out there on the internet it suddenly gets transformed into something worthwhile?

The main advantage of a blog is that it offers a voice to anyone. It’s just a problem of separating the white noise from the actual sounds. I know I’ve moved away from the subject for a bit, but what do you think about blogging in general? Is it for sad people or not? Feel free to agree/disagree in the comment section.

Till the next burst of random access thoughts.


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