Dear sole reader of this blog,

First of all, thanks for stepping in. I really do! I mean, you took your time, clicked here, on the link and bam! You landed and I’ve seen you on my stats tab. Thanks.

Why so many thanks?Well, there are lots of

blogs out there and only God knows why humanity needs another one (like mine). But with every click and click and click, this little blog pushes his way through the crowd. I imagine that all the blogs out there are competing in a marathon. Some are halfway through, some are dropping out, and finally, some of them actually get to finish the race. My contestant just started this long and potentially amazing journey. What is at the end of the race, you ask? To be honest, I have no definite answer for that. Perhaps we can try and connect it to the name of the blog.

Why did you rip off the old man’s name and robbed him of his famous couch for your cheap blog? I haven’t thought of it that way (but now that I do, it feels really intense!) when I named this blog. However, I feel that the name suits the purpose of what I would like to write about. From my point of view, the large majority of people who have a blog are the saddest and most desperate people in the world. Why would you invest so much time and work into a blog just so you would create a community? Isn’t it because you desperately want social contact and you are too shy and/or awkward to do that in the real life? Or those moments when sometimes I receive on my e-mail or Facebook messages about a random guy with a “New Post!” message and a link to his/hers blog, as if I give a damn about his opinion.

The truth is that I do not have an opinion and I do not have anything to write about, except myself. Thus, the name of the blog and the “coolish” subtitle. What I am trying to do here is to speak as if I am going to (psycho?)analyze myself. So, this blog should open myself to myself. As boring and hypocrite as that might sound, I will try to write it as nicely as I can for you, my sole reader. After all, we really want to have a tidy space when the guest steps in, right?

So sit back, grab your coffee, click again and watch me go…


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